Leak Detection

Think your pool is leaking? Follow our do-it-yourself Bucket Test to find out if you should give us a call!

We Specialize In Swimming Pool and Spa Leak Detection!

Have a closer look

Our highly trained and certified technicians will inspect the pool equipment and perform a complete plumbing and seam leak test. This process involves diving the pool and thoroughly inspecting every square inch of your pool. Most repairs can be made underwater, but in some cases, the leak is in the plumbing underground. In the event of cracked or broken plumbing, this particular leak will be detected and pinpointed with water/air pressure and confirmed utilizing the most up to date electronic sound equipment. A written estimate will be provided for you before any underground repairs are performed.

Be sure to check out our Photo Gallery to see pictures of the various leak detection processes!

Complete Plumbing and Seam Leak Test

We are proud of our successful history of finding leaks. We offer a 30 day guarantee on all leak work. If your pool starts to leak again within 30 days, we will return at no charge to reinspect your pool.

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