These modern innovations can remove the daily task and toil it takes to maintain a pool or spa.

Automate to Save Money and Time

The most time-consuming and expensive problem of any pool or spa is its daily maintenance. It requires a lot of attention in terms of sanitation, cleanliness, temperature control, and chemical balance. Plus, you have to keep a constant eye on it all year round so that it is ready to use at a moment’s notice. But isn’t this giant investment supposed to be fun and enjoyable? You didn’t buy it in order to add another thing to your to-do list. Therefore, you may want to consider the latest in pool automation technology. These modern innovations can remove the daily task and toil it takes to maintain a pool or spa. And since these modernized devices run on a continuous program, they are also more energy-efficient, which can lead to some significant savings.

Complete control systems:

IntelliTouch® Systems, AquaLogic, AquaLink OneTouch, and AquaLink RS All Button

Automatic salt chlorinators:

IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorinator, AquaRite Salt Chlorinator, and AquaPure Salt Chlorinator


The most stressful part about owning a pool is its constant upkeep. The chore that takes up a large chunk of time is sustaining a proper chemical balance, especially when it comes to chlorine. You have to carefully measure chlorine and systematically add it to the water. It’s easy to forget about and it’s even easier to add the wrong amount, thereby over-chlorinating the water (causing irritation) or under-estimating the measurement (creating unsanitary conditions). So why not buy smaller pool automation equipment in order to protect the larger investment? A salt chlorine generator is a great invention to look into. It automatically adds chlorine to the water at the right times and at the appropriate levels so you no longer have to think about it. You still have to set up and operate the equipment, and you have to remember to add chlorine to it occasionally, but this installation is a quick fix that takes the headache out of daily maintenance.

Total Self-Control

Though chemical balance is a tedious chore, a pool is a system where several parts work independent of one another. However, they’re all dependent on you to maintain their daily operation. But what if you didn’t have to? Here are some ways to turn over responsibility to the pool itself, thereby giving yourself some independence of your own.

Self-Regulating: Temperature control is a big hassle: you always want to maintain a steady heat level so the pool or spa can be used at any time of day, at any time of the year. But instead of throwing thermometers in the water and constantly adjusting the heat pumps, install a hardwired thermostat in the house. These touch-screen pads make it easy to maintain a constant water temperature without the work. You can even buy a remote control or a wireless table-top thermostat to make it even more convenient.

Self-Cleaning: Cleaning has to be done on a daily basis. But instead of doing it manually with nets and brushes, invest in an automatic cleaner. These roving robots can get the job done on their own as they randomly (and thoroughly) clean the bottom of the tank. Or buy an in-floor cleaning system that can get the job done even faster.

Self-Cycling: Heat pumps and filters help clean, maintain temperatures, protect against freezing, and sustain water levels. So why not control this with the touch of a button? You can set a timer so the equipment works longer on the weekends during the summer and less on weekdays during the winter. Or, instead of fueling these parts with your own electricity, why not let the sun do the work for you with a solar-powered system?


Other Bells and Whistles

Of course, maintenance isn’t the only form of pool automation. There are also timers for the lights, alarms to tell you when something needs to be accomplished, and controls for jets to turn on and off when desired. Buy an automatic retractable pool cover to help protect, clean, and conserve the heat in the water. You can even invest in self-testing devices: these gadgets monitor all the equipment, give diagnostics of any problems it may be having, and troubleshoots with some suggested solutions.


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